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When is the earliest I can have my vehicle MOT'd?

Answer:  You can take the car any time you wish for an MOT. If it is taken over a month in advance of expiry, the new MOT can be issued for 13 months instead of 12 months if you take the old MOT certificate with you.

Can you drive a vehicle to be MOT'd if it isn't taxed?

Answer:  Yes, if the appointment is pre-booked and the vehicle is insured. You need an MOT before you can tax a vehicle, so if the MOT has expired you need to be able to get it to an MOT test centre. You should go by the most direct route (i.e. not stop off to do the shopping on the way) and ideally the MOT station should be in the same town.

My car failed its MOT - can I still drive it?

Answer:  It depends. If the old MOT is still valid, you may continue to drive until the expiry date of the existing MOT as long as the car is road worthy, the car must obviously be taxed and insured too.

If my vehicle fails its MOT will you do the work without telling me?

Answer:  At Cooke Motors we believe that every customer has a right to choose and make their own decisions. If your car needs any further work to pass the test we’ll ask you first before we do anything at all.

If my car or van fails its MOT, will you charge me a restest fee?

Answer:  If the vehicle is left at the MOT testing station for repair and is retested before the end of 10 working days following the day of failure, then only a partial retest is needed for which no fee is charged.

If the vehicle is removed from the testing station for repair and returned for retest within 10 working days following the day of failure, then only a partial retest is needed and a partial retest fee is charged

In any other case a full retest is required and the full MOT test fee will be charged. Only one free partial retest is permissable per full examination

How long does an MOT test take?

Answer:  An MOT test takes approximately 45 minutes from the time the person conducting the MOT starts the test .

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